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Discover all the activities proposed by the accommodations of the Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule in Haute-Marne, Grand Est


Activities at the Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule

Activities at the Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule

At the Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule, almost 6 hectares of land are at your disposal. Immersed in the abundant nature of the Haute-Marne, you can make the most of a setting accessible to all* which offers many outdoor activities to recharge your batteries, marvel and relax.

Discover our ecosystem which unfolds around the Trimeule, a stream that once supplied the mill’s water wheel. The stream has its source just over a kilometer to the west of the estate.

Let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waterfall or experience the simple pleasure of angling by trying to catch one of the fish species inhabiting the lake.

Whether it is for meditation, exercise or for the younger ones’ education, long-distance walking is the main activity here.

Forest, meadow, stream… Take the time to carefully explore the estate to reveal its natural treasures!

There are several possibilities for hiking or cycling from the Moulin de Trimeule, especially with the canal and its towpath just a hundred meters away.

As for nature observation, wildlife photography enthusiasts will be able to capture the essence of the place and its inhabitants. The Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule is a classified site due to its remarkable environment and is home to exceptional fauna and flora.

*One of our accommodations is suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Moulin de Trimeule - Hébergement Insolite
Hébergement Insolite - Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule
Hébergement Insolite - Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule


Places to be seen around the Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule

The Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule is located close to the new Forêts National Park in the center of the Grand Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions.

Created in 2019, the 11th National Park of France is situated on the Plateau de Langres, between the south of Haute-Marne and the north of Côte d’Or.

As the first lowland park in France, it extends over 95 municipalities in the two French departments, covering a total surface of 241,000 hectares.

Mainly composed of deciduous forests, the park reveals its heritage, its natural and zoological treasures (especially game) in an outstanding protected setting which has been chosen for its exceptional environmental and cultural features.

Besides the national park, the Domaine du Moulin de Trimeule is surrounded by touristic and historical sites which are worth a visit, at less than 40 minutes by car. Among these remarkable sites are:

  • Langres, a city of artistic and historical interest, famous for its fortifications and the four lakes surrounding the city. Amongst swimming, sunbathing and water sports, they are a delight for families and tourists during summer;
    Make the most of your stay with us to discover the resources of our beautiful department!
  • Colombey-Les-Deux-Églises, its Cross of Lorraine and the Charles de Gaulle Memorial ;
  • Chaumont, administrative center of the department and Le Signe, its National Graphic Design Center ;
  • Bourbonne-les-Bains, the spa town ;
  • Nogent and its cutlery museum ;
  • Fayl-Billot, capital of basketry ;
  • Nigloland, situated from an hour’s drive away in the neighboring department of Aube, this amusement park offers numerous rides and activities for both young and old.